The hotel is open from 07:00 am until 21:00 pm, but rooms are available from 11 am, thank you.

The hotel informs you that the reception is closed from 21h pm.(we sleep too ...)

Please respect the schedule of the restaurant, (breakfast and dinner) and the instructions given at the reception, (no cooking in the rooms, avoid smoking in the rooms, an outdoor terrace is reserved for this purpose.

Respect the tranquility of other guests.)

Thank you for using the luggage rack in the room, prohibition of the suitcases, backpack etc. on the beds.

In case of late arrival please contact us for the access code to the hotel, as well as your room number.

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   Boulodrome a proximité,  ( on peut vous prêter des boules          pour deux personnes , et les perdants païen l’apéro ,hi hi )


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